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Why should I join here and not trade groups on other social networks?

Stock knocks is an exclusive platform for stock market participants. So if you are an Investor, Stockbroker, Research Analyst, Investment Bankers, Mutual fund Advisors, Listed company, Unlisted Company, , Mutual fund distributor, or Underwriter, and don’t want to get lost in the crowd of other social media platforms, then Stock Knocks is the platform for you. Stock Knocks allows you to build community and do business. That is why we say, “Discover the hidden opportunities”.

Do I need to pay?

Stock knocks are and will always be free for their users. As long as you are a user and not selling your products and services at Stock Knocks, it is always FREE. Discover the hidden opportunities at Zero Subscription.

Who are the experts here?

The users of the Stock Knocks are the experts here. We have users across all fields and sections of the Indian Financial market and leading experts from each field. Stock Knocks gives its users full autonomy to express their thoughts and position themselves as Expert. So, if you are not an expert and aspire to be one, discover this hidden opportunity in Stock Knocks.

What are the freebies or value additions?

Stock knocks allow you to follow the unlisted companies and stay updated on their growth which is like following a hidden opportunity . Also the users of Stock Knocks can follow their favorite investors and take a clue from their portfolios and investments.

How easy it is for me to start using its features ?

The website is designed in such a manner that the user can smoothly use it and have a great experience.

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